When I put my samples into kontakt they sound different?

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Hi folks,

First post here. Starting my kontakt journey of building my own kontakt instruments. But first up, Im trying to put my samples into the player. Thats fine but the play back of them doesn't sound great. It's quite wobbly. Am I missing something here?

One other question, im building this on kontakt 5 due to some people not upgrading. I know its a lot easier with the new GUI builder thats out. I was wondering if its possible to use the gui builder to build your instrument, then just take the script from that and copy and paste in to kontakt 5? Or is the scripting different?

Any help would be great! Thank you.


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    Creator Tools will only work with Kontakt 6.

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    Hey! Thanks and I’m guessing it’s easier than kontakt 5?

    As for the samples sounding strange at times? Any ideas? If I play the sample in logic or just wav it sounds fine. But when I import it to kontakt it just isn’t the same.

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    Try taking a look at the 'How Can I Optimize the Performance of KONTAKT?' to see if any of the advice helps on performance :


  • deanmcg
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    Ok thanks! You think it is the way I have set up my kontakt? As my other sample libraries from spitfire etc are fine. Its just when im trying to make it one myself. The samples seem to be ok when played outside kontakt. But when I import them it sounds just a little off.

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    Since I have never made any sample libraries myself then it's really hard for me to tell what technical components are at work here but since you complain that sound is "quite wobbly" then one of the things one could look into try to see if it would fix is optimizing which as far as I know also includes e.g. sound drivers and so on (check in Kontakt setup if you are using e.g. correct ASIO as you maybe should ?)..

    But when it comes to sampling then also e.g. sample rates are of importance so I could imagine that for example that if your samples are of one rate/frequency and samples are some how treated by something using another rate/frequency that that would then influence result though maybe not "wobbly". But honestly I really do not know anything specific about using the program so your guess is as good as mine...

    I looked it up online , another person had a similar problem with Ableton Live and it turned out that auditioning samples from Live auto warps it , so he needed to bring samples in to the session and turn warp off. But again I have no idea if Kontakt does something similar. But look into how you use the program and check the settings and see if there is some setting or function or modulation that could possibly influence sound in a similar way !

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    It might be helpful to know just how the sound is changing and exactly what you are doing to get the changed sound. Can you give us some audio examples? How does the raw sample sound in the Wave Editor?

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