Upgrade from Komplete 11 to Komplete 13 without Izotope music suite

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Some weeks ago I was able to just select an upgrade from Komplete 11 to Komplete 13 for 179 pounds. Now I'm forced to select this upgrade with Izotope music suite thrown in for 314 pounds. Are we forced to buy a product we do not necessarily want to upgrade Komplete now? How can we select just the Komplete upgrade and leave out Izotope?


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    Yes, it is strange. It is not possible to buy Komplete upgrade/update without iZotope bundle....

    I guess/hope, it will be possible again when Sale of Komplete/iZotope ends.

  • Matt_NI
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    We have a big thread for the offer and I would suggest to check there: New deal: Get iZotope's MUSIC PRODUCTION SUITE 4.1 with KOMPLETE 13

    The regular bundle will be back as soon as the offer has ended. In the meantime, they are still available via retailers.

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