I need to play multiple samples with one key press

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So, I have a pretty weird idea for a kontakt library aaaand I ran into a problem within 15 minutes of starting. 

basically, I need to play two samples close together (but not the same time) with one key press. The consonant K, and the vowel A.

The reason I split this up is because I want the system to be modular and to be able to add constants and vowels without having to record every single one. For example, I can just record the vowels, AEUIO at multiple pitches, and the constants mono pitch to save time and well sanity. So basically I need it to be so that can play a consonant, K, SH, G etc, then one of the vowels AEUIO.

I'm quite new to posting on forums and not all that tech savvy so if is the wrong one, Please point me in the right direction...



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    Please choice the multi instrument mode in Kontakt. See page 51 ff in the manual.

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    You don't say how you'll choose your single key to play an arbitrary consonant/vowel sequence. (A simple way to combine them would be to trigger the 2 samples simultaneously, and adjust the attack time of the vowel.)

    But if you're thinking of making words for singing or speech by tagging consonants and vowels together like this, you'll be disappointed. Alas it doesn't work. The Kontakt 4 library has a choir singing a variety of vowels, and also supplied is a whole set of consonant sounds to play with. But they aren't used in any of the instruments. And I couldn't get them to sound even slightly realistic. I don't think they even appear in the Kontakt 5 library.

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