In Native Access, Supercharger and Massive always show up as needing update

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Has anyone had the problem where items show as needing an update - but they don't? It's the latest versions installed. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the items but to no avail. Although NA shows as updated, the next time it's run it's back to the start i.e. '2 updates available'.



  • Matt_NI
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    I've seen this happen from time to time. I found this from a previous conversation with our team that seems to have worked on Win10.

    Identify in your installation the following paths (example):

    1. uninstall via PRODUCT Setup.msi

    C:\ProgramData\{31BB2222-E0C5-46A5-9D99-BBB25D71B463}\PRODUCT Setup PC.msi

    2. Delete plugin folder including *.exe 

    C:\ProgramData\{31BB2222-E0C5-46A5-9D99-BBB25D71B463}\PRODUCT Setup PC.exe

    3. Delete plugin folder 

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\PRODUCT.aaxplugin

    4. Delete plugin folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\PRODUCT.aaxplugin

    5. Reinstall PRODUCT via Native Access

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    Many thanks it finally fixed for me

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