is anyone having trouble downloading piano colors

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when installing piano colors, I keep getting an unknown error. I have downloaded larger files all in the same way, to the C drive then i transfer to an external drive. never an issue till now. i have downloaded the entire komplete 13 ultimate collector's edition with no issues.



  • Kubrak
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    I used to have problem with installing GR6. I t downloaded, but something went wrong during installation.

    What has helped me was, to install GR6 manually and run Native Access afterwards to let it authorize...

    1) Start installation/download in NA.

    2) When downloaded, copy installation file (it should be located in download folder) to another folder.

    3) Wait for NA fail installation.

    4) Install plugin using copy of installation file.

    5) After install completes, run NA. It will authorise plugin on stratup.

    Also, you may try to ask NI to provide you with installation file. They would give you direct link for download.

    I do not know if it works for you, but it did work for me with GR6.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Madhumanity Have you followed all the troubleshooting steps on this page?

    Native Access Error Message: Download Failed: "Unknown error"

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