"Installation Failed"

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edited July 2023 in Native Access

Is it just me or does Native Access just keep getting worse and worse?

I mean it's always been a buggy nightmare to deal with, but when I hear that iZotope and PA products are going to get folded into Native Access, I can't help but shudder at the idea... 😓

In any case, anybody familiar with Windows issue concerning both installs and product updates universally resulting in a "Installation Failed" error being given, followed by the occasional "white screen of death" appearing in Native Access?

Also, am I alone in thinking that the new NI logo is 🗑️? lol... I mean I don't really care or have a horse in that race, but am curious to hear other people's opinions.



  • Rich_NI
    Rich_NI Customer Care Posts: 173 mod

    Hi @AndreBlais

    Please provide us with a screenshot of your Installation Preferences in Native Access.

    Thanks in advance.

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