Why can't I upgrade to a later version than 3.6.1?

Jeroen van Lieshout
Jeroen van Lieshout Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Perhaps this question has been asked previously, but I couldn't find it using the search option and after browsing through a lot of topic pages.

I'm currently running Traktor 3.6.1 (bought as an upgrade from Traktor Scratch Pro 2). When starting Native Access I see there are no available updates, but there have been quite some updates in the meanwhile.

If I look at the release notes the updates for the newest versions should include bugfixes and a few features for the non-plus users. So why don't I receive these updates?


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  • Kubrak
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    Maybe try NA2, not sure if NA1 shows all new SW.... Another reason might be your OS is not supported by newer Traktor versions.

    If you are on Win and use Win7, even new versions should work, just it is not tested on that version and you would not get support if encouter problems....


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