When is traktor pro S4 expected to arrived ?

Is it planned to be able to dissociate the stemps live like the competitor serato?


  • LostInFoundation
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    Difficult to answer, since we don’t even know if it is planned at all.

    And stems live separation must be implemented in the software, not in a hw controller

  • lord-carlos
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    S4 as in new hardware? Or do you mean Traktor 4?

    For software, see here: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/5305/traktor-pro-3-feature-roadmap

    It's on the roadmap. No one knows when the version will come out.

    From historical data we can extrapolate about 1 item from roadmap every 4'ish month. So maybe there will be a beta in 6'ish month?

    But no one knows for sure.

  • Vladyk _Dj
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    It is very interesting what kind of controller model in the serato company, in which it implements a live separation of stems, how they implemented it, that you can do without the serato dj pro software.

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