Itunes library load after huge amount of time

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I'm running an MBP2015 I7 - 16gb RAM went Monterey. I have Traktor 3.9...and when I open Traktor it takes almost 3 minutes to load my Itunes library (file size is 72mb).

With previous Traktor 3.6 it was just a question of second.

I m not scanning/analysing the track at the launch of traktor





  • Patch
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    I have the exact same complaint - except I am on Windows.

    My Traktor experience would be VASTLY improved if we could get a fix for this. 🙏

  • Patch
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    I’d love to get an answer from NI on this.

    Even if it is “this is not something we’re looking at any time soon”.

  • Patch
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    Is ANYONE else seeing this, or know what is going on?

    How long does YOUR iTunes node take to open?

  • alec.tron
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    Also seeing this (on 3.8) - around 120 mb, taking above the 4 to 5 minute mark now (but, it was never seconds... this was always slow ish - i.e. 1-2 minutes imo [I do have 100s of playlists in there though] )...


  • Patch
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    This is nuts. Traktor shouldn’t have to scan the iTunes library every single time we open the software!!!

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey, just wanted to say our team is aware and we're still investigating whether this is a Traktor or iTunes/Apple Music issue. Does it take a long for your Apple Music to load/close down even when Traktor is not involved?

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    Hi - thanks for stopping by. 👍🏻 Not especially long. Certainly not as long as it takes Traktor to load the iTunes node.

  • Patch
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    Hey - any update on this one, @Kaiwan_NI ? 🙏

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