Old JUCE Code Causing Automation Bugs in Cubase 12 Pro

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I've just made the switch to Cubase from FL Studio, and have been trying to painstakingly convert all of my FL projects to Cubase ones. In doing so, I discovered a bug caused by some old JUCE code used in Komplete Kontrol. This bug occurs on both MacOS and Windows.

The bug makes it impossible to type in automation values for any parameter in any plugin within Komplete Kontrol. I can still drag the automation point around with my mouse, but I cannot get a high level of precision.

I made a forum post on the Cubase forums about it, and it was actually another user who found the source of the bug.

It seems to be an issue with the JUCE VST3 Wrapper attempting to convert a plugin's numerical value to a string. If a host requires a string from a plugin, instead of converting the new automation value to a string, it converts the current value, resulting in the automation data not changing when typed.

The forum post has much more information about the bug, which I've linked above, but here are the few lines of code that appear to be the problem (according to kamedin on Steinberg Forums)

I know for a fact this bug also affects pretty much all iZotope and Valhalla products, so I'm not sure to the extent of Native Instruments plugins this bug occurs. I do know that at the very least that Komplete Kontrol is affected.

I hope a developer could shed some more light on this issue.

Any help is appreciated.


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    Yeah, unlikely anyone from NI will shed any light on something like that, and also just as unlikely you will see any serious focus on that kind of issue in any kind of timely manner. That would be something best raised in the Beta, tho no more a chance of it being looked into so more worth your time trying to find a workaround on your end.

  • Duff
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    I assumed it was a long shot, but I've currently got nothing better to do haha

    I've just become so annoyed with the one workaround I've found. Plus, the workaround only works with Komplete Control. I've been unable to find a workaround for any other plugins yet.

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