How do I let Native Access login on a Linux/Wine system?

emi20 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
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I'm trying to install Native Access, but every time I try to log in, it just loads endlessly. The password and username are correct, and when they are incorrect, Native Access tells me that immediately. So it seems like every correct login attempt results in endless loading.


  • error eyes
    error eyes Member Posts: 4 Member

    Supposedly there are a number of issues with Native Access 2. Native Access 1 works fine on the other hand. Give that a try.

  • Rich_NI
    Rich_NI Customer Care Posts: 173 mod

    Hi @emi20

    Neither versions of Native Access are compatible with Linux. The same would apply to our products.

    This is not something we would be able to provide support for unfortunately.

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