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Is it really so difficult for Traktor (Team) to offer support for standard tags like any other free music app does?

Does this feature even require votes to be considered if not implemented? And if it doesn't receive enough votes, does that mean the request will be "rejected", as it happened here?

Unfortunately, there were many similar requests on the old forum, but it no longer exists.

Or even simple features like half-star rating support or batch playlists import. How difficult can it be to implement these features?


  • alec.tron
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    Eh... I've made a suggestion thread about supporting standard metadata features (on the last 4 ish of NI's forums/feature suggestion platforms over the last decade as I really care about this, and this was always among the top 3 feature requests...).

    On this new feature request platform I posted this yet again - alas, it only gathered a few dozen votes, but was short of the magical number NI came up with (I believe it had around 26 votes, but needed 30 or some such after the 3 months...). So it was closed by NI (despite NI knowing fully well the history of this feature request, as well as the shortcomings of the browser, and metadata io...).

    So after 10+ years of regurgitating & hoping for standard metadata features (multi value & custom fields...) to finally make it to Traktor, and since I am not impressed at all with what NI is doing nowadays / yet again (i.e. ignoring the most requested community features, pushing random features no one asked for, and delivering bug ridden betas as well as releases...), I now gave up and just stick to the somewhat working 3.8 version and Joe's Mod for the S4 until not longer viable (which I fear will be some time in the next 12-24 months...). Which then means goodbye to Traktor for me as well as there's nothing here to stick around for seemingly.


  • SpirosG
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    Simple stuff to implement, like the Sort by MIDI commands, which will actually help us during our sets, not fancy useless "Limiters".



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @SpirosG to clarify, the Ideas section doesn't represent the Traktor team's backlog. There are many ideas there that were actually already in their backlog. This ideas section is simply to gauge the interest of the community which features they find the most urgent to implement. :)

  • Stevan
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    Each idea that we write about is already suggested by big name DJ's that work for NI. And I bet that not even they see all their features added :)

    It is good to have the ideas section in the forum though, so people don't post same stuff over and over in the main forum. (easier to ignore those threads now)

  • Sunborn
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    Why we need extra tags on Traktor since any audio file has it's own tags (title, genre, bpm, key, label etc)?

    And even if not, when analyzing it gives you lot of them (bpm, key etc).... and you can still edit the file more, inside Traktor and add almost any info you want

  • Lex2011
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    Better tag support is top of my want list too, there are several tags I have in my files which Traktor just does not read, with a couple I have had to, like others use some random tag that Traktor can read just to get that metadata into Traktor. Agree on multi tags too, that would be a great addition.

    @alec.tron does the XML export still work from MusicBee for Traktor to read as a iTunes XML? Tried it a few months ago for the first time in a while, but could not get it to work anymore.

  • alec.tron
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    Aye - Steven, the author of musicbee, fixed the xml export from MB to xml a year or so ago, from which point onwards my beerware itunes xml parser became obsolete.

    and - for me the native xml export from MB has worked ever since.

    as a hunch - usually it's Traktor's inability to properly deal with diacritics & other 'special' characters inside the xml which is usually the culprit when itune xmls don't import into traktor. I went through and fixed filenames & tags on all files that caused problems (one way to find them is to use a regular expression for non ascii characters...)

    Hope this helps.

    Sad and silly that this is still an issue for traktor in 2023... thanks "NI Management" for your ongoing support of not allocating resources to fix the known 'broken windows'...!


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