stacking samples vertically in mapping editor

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hi folks: i'm quite new to this so please bear with me. what i need to do is to drag a bunch of samples into kontakt's mapping editor and stack them vertically rather than horizontally. obviously i can do it manually, but it takes forever since i need 256 samples to be placed in 4 vertical lanes of 64 samples each. any ideas on how to do this quickly?

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    64 Samples on a single lane? 😶

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    I don't think there is any way of doing this in the Kontakt editor, but it would be easier if you could make 4 horizontal strips, adding an index to the 64 files in each strip, using Bulk Rename Utility or something similar, which would enable you to use the automatic mapping system. Move them up to the velocity you want, then use a simple script to swap note and velocity. Something like

    on note
    end on

    (Paste into empty script slot and click Apply)

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    By quickly, do you mean spend the time to write an automation script? This can be done, but geesh... It's a matter of trial and error...

    I recently accomplished something similar, stacking and sorting zones in the mapper. But i cant tell you how i did it, im working under contract right now. I can tell you though, this is possible through automation.


    ^might be worth experimenting with

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