Native Access stuck on 'loading products'



  • tempsperdu
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    Thanks for getting back Hayo, yes that seems to have fixed the login (Win 10)

  • fazii
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    It's frustrating that you're experiencing issues with NI Native Access 2 despite trying various troubleshooting steps. Since NI support hasn't been helpful, consider these additional actions:

    1. Check System Requirements: Ensure your system meets all the requirements for Native Access 2 and Kontakt 7. Sometimes compatibility issues can cause problems.
    2. Clean Uninstall: Use a third-party uninstaller tool to thoroughly remove all traces of Native Access and its components, then try reinstalling from scratch.
    3. Compatibility Mode: Right-click on the application's executable, go to Properties > Compatibility, and try running it in different compatibility modes.
    4. Update Drivers: Ensure your computer's drivers, especially audio and graphics, are up to date. Outdated drivers can sometimes lead to software issues.
    5. Run Diagnostics: Run system diagnostics or third-party software to check for any underlying system issues that might be affecting software installation.

  • PascalHP HSMR
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    I have this similar problem since yesterday,

    I uninstalled Native Access then reinstalled, always the same waiting message at startup, then everything came back at the end of the afternoon and this morning in case there would be an update

    I find myself in the same situation, it grinds but nothing appears in the window.

    Thanks in advance.

  • PascalHP HSMR
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    edited August 21

    It's like yesterday, more information on my profile. :(

  • PascalHP HSMR
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    I logged out of native access and logged back in the programs are all visible.

    I'm going to disconnect each time I go out.

    It is true that without disconnecting I had not had a problem until now.

    Sorry for asking for your time.

    Good late afternoon.

    Pascal H.

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    sounds good

  • Greg Ive
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    Oh, hi there, got the same problem, all instructions above didn't help. Any guesses?

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