Resource Cost of Multiple Instance of Kontakt

John Lundrigan
John Lundrigan Member Posts: 3 Member
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In Ableton I sometimes route multiple tracks to a single instance of Kontakt in the belief that this is a more effective use of the available CPU bandwith. For example, one instance hosting String Session Pro with multiple tracks, each related to its own part of the ensemble.

This is a habit of mine. It appears to me that multiple instance of Kontak should really just use the same code and incur nort greater overhead. Is this correct?



  • silentio246
    silentio246 Member Posts: 33 Member

    Multiple instances should not use more cpu than a single instance with the same instruments as long as the multiprocessor option is active (either in Kontakt or in Ableton). The only difference is the ram usage. A single instance of Kontakt needs less ram, because the plugin is loaded only a single time.

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