Martin Garrix signature Echo effect

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Hi everyone

I want to create the signature effect of Martin Garrix on Traktor Pro 3. It is an Echo effect with a time reduction to 1 millisecond. 

Here is the video that explains this effect. 

I can't reproduce this on Traktor. 

How can I do it? 

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  • Sûlherokhh
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    This may not be exactly what you mean, but here is how i understand it:

    Setup: Effect: Delay T3, Single mode. Frequency Range (FR.R) button ON for continous range, Frequency Range (FR.R) knob at leftmost position slowly turning to the right. At the right moment, hit Freeze (FRZ) button. Have Dry/Wet and Filter set to your liking beforehand, i have both at about 60% (slightly to the right of the middle indentation), be careful with the resonance knob value because at high frequency and corresponding low amount of ms between iterations the feedback quickly builds up.

    Edit: If you use the effect as post-fader, you should set Dry/Wet at something like 35-40% or it gets to loud and manually reduce the bass EQ to compensate.

  • Stevan
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    That is definitely possible with T3 Delay in Traktor - check those parameters^. Marco Corola also uses it in his sets.

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