PLAY Series preset issue on MacOS Ventura 13.4, Maschine 2.17.2, Kontakt 7.3.2

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When I use presets from any of the PLAY series tools, the PLAY series settings are lost after saving the project, closing it and reopening. Instead of, say, Melted Vibes (but this applies to others I've tried as well), the sound entry shows Kontakt 7 instead of the PLAY series tool.

This happens when Maschine is opened natively, in Rosetta mode, Kontakt as an AU plug-in or a VST3.

Interestingly I disabled Kontakt 7 entirely and enabled Kontakt 6 through Maschine preferences. But Melted Vibes switched back to Kontakt 7.

Also, I do not have this issue when loading a preset in Live 11.3 (Beta)

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