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For Information, the upgrade offfered in My Komplete Offers may not be valid for your licenses even though it sounds like it should be.

The upgrade to 14 offered to me, which I then purchased could never have been used since I purchased Komplete Select 13, then upgraded that to Komplete 13 CE, and I was offered an upgrade from Komplete Ultimate 13 to Komplete 14 CE which I now have to wait weeks to be refunded.

To make matters worse, when you try and BUY Komplete 14, it will only show you (me anyway) Komplete 14 Ultimate, the trick here is that the website is kinda slow and initially it shows Collectors edition, then some seconds later it removes that option, so just be quick, select the one you want before it removes it and then you can buy the correct upgrade for your licenses.


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    Those pages (even the “what’s new for me”) are full of errors (they are aware, but seems quite slow to fix it).

    Probably they are fixing it now, since it’s the whole day that it gives me this message:

    Maybe (since they knew of these problems from a while), it was better to fix them before Summer of Sounds. Now they will have a lot of request for refund like yours, and support will be submerged by tickets and they will be even slower in answering (like it is from a couple of months after the mess of the new versions of Native Access)

    But your case is strange: if you owned 13 CE you should be eligible for 14 Collectors. And the upgrade from 13 Ultimate to 14 Collectors is more expensive. Why you picked up this choice?

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    I had Komplete Select with my S88, then Upgraded that to collectors in the sale last year which probably wasn't the most effective way of doing it but I could budget it that way. And You're spot on, the website is slow and buggy as there's no excuse for that at all.

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