Patch sounds are clipped in Komplete Kontrol / Logic

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Hi Ni people

I have a 2020 intel Mac / OSX Monterey / 128GB Ram / S88mk2

Ive just done a complete reset on my system wiping the Mac and reinstalling everything from scratch but using Komplete Kontrol some presets not all when playing are clipped and do not sound properly not sure why? any help much appreciated.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Maxhombre Was that happening before the system reset?

    Do Logic & Komplete Kontrol have full disk access? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Any instrument or preset would show this problem? A Kontakt library? A Massive preset?

    If you open Komplete Kontrol in standalone, is everything functional?

    Are your libraries installed on an external hard drive? What format is it?

  • Maxhombre
    Maxhombre Member Posts: 38 Member

    Hi Jeremy,

    many thanks for your response

    everything is ok in full disk access with Native Access / Ni Daemon/ KKontrol all present and selected.

    im only having problem with a few of the Ni libraries some I’ve managed to resolve but at the moment ie Kinetic metal and Noire which when you load it there’s no sound at all and on some of the other Ni big libraries like Session bass / Studio drums / kinetic Metal etc on the preview in my S88mk2 the preset preview sounds are clipped so it doesn’t play a small preview of the patch preset it’s just a tiny clipped sound, But when you open another Ni instrument it works fine? No idea what’s going on but I did check the installation path which is all correct but there is an orange line around current location which seems to be on the insts that don’t work

    Not sure if I need to trash a pref or database again? The one thing I did do as I have two partitions on my Mac drive one for sample library, I did download the Ni library to my Mac partition then copy it over to my library partition and relocate it again in Native Access

    ive included a snapshot of what the installation path looks like as it has an orange line around it as if there is a problem?

    kind regards


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