Step Mode, Pad Long and Short Presses, and Pad Debounce on mk3 Maschine

Warren Postma
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I have used a lot of midi controllers, pad controllers, etc, and I know that each one has its quirks, its learning curve, etc.

I have noticed a very strange thing with my controller and I'm not sure WHAT PERCENTAGE of it is (a) user error, (b) user learning curve, (c) bugs in software, (d) problems with my mk3 controller.

Most modes are working fine but the one mode that works very poorly for me is the step mode. Half the time when I'm trying to turn on a note it registers as a long press.

If I attempt to tap the pad as QUICKLY as possible and release it less than 10 milliseconds after pressing, and I whack the pad as HARD as I can physically manage it, it usually works.

How hard and how fast a press does STEP mode want?

Sometimes the step will toggle with a light press, and a hold of 10-30 milliseconds and then release. Sometimes it won't.

USUALLY a step will toggle if the press is quite firm AND if I do not hold it at all, that is, release the note because my finger bounces right off.

Is anyone else going nuts with just step mode? Everything else in maschine feels easy to use.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    In Step mode, it doesn't matter how you hit the keys, you only enter note on or don't to indicate the postion of the step. Pitch, velocity and duration is fixed and can be edited with the first 4 knobs.

  • Warren Postma
    Warren Postma Member Posts: 43 Member

    It does matter how I hit the keys. Is it a bug?

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