Possible to have 5-8 hotcue buttons on S2?

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My brain is fried from doing research all day (uni) - so I guess maybe I didn't try as hard as I could to find the answer to this, but like I said, my brain is done. I just need to listen to some music.


I have an old Traktor S2 MK1 that I'm learning the basics on here.

I feel stupid even asking this but...

In traktor 3 i have 8 hotcue buttons

On my old s2 i have four hotcue buttons.

is there a way to make 5-8 happen on the controller, or did that just not happen until the MK2 came out?

I thought maybe "shift" would work lol... That does not seem to be it.


  • Sûlherokhh
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    You could implement a 'switch' via mapping, that would flip the 4 buttons from hotcue1-4 to hotcue5-8. I wouldn't bother with it though. That extra switching action would be another piece to train for your muscle memory for one, the other is that it's very easy to mix up which layer you are actually on, and if you manage this anyway you'll be less free in you head to do what's really important. If hotcues 5-8 are vital to your way of performing, I recommend you get an old s4 mk2 or an F1 (with a nice mapping for hotcues). If you should do the latter, i can set up a mapping for you in no time.

  • d_j_m
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    thanks! they're not vital, no - at this point I'm just putting the beat grid on 8 but I was wondering if there was an easy way to make use of those otherwise just in case I wanted to set more than 4.

    I really can't wait to upgrade to the S4 but I can't really afford it at the moment. It's driving me crazy though because even though I'm really new at this, honestly within a couple of weeks of getting into it I realized that the way I think about mixing would be so much easier to pull off with four channels instead of two.

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    Try this and tell me what you think. I don't have the device so i can't test if there are any mistakes, especially with the LED's. Make sure you delete the old S2Mk1 mapping before loading this one. Don't forget to set the 'In-Port' to the device.

    Use the sample buttons in the centre area to flip from HC1-4 to HC5-8 on each side. Layer one is (or should be) always BLUE when on first layer, and always GREEN when on second layer. Use shift+HC to delete. Incidentally you can't trigger any samples if you use this, so the volume knob for decks C+D is useless.

    If you are interested in remapping, modifiers 1 and 2 are used to flip the overlay. Modifiers 3 and 4 indicate if you are pressing shift on the respective side (only used for 'delete' function). Since the centre knob for the lower decks is now free, you could map something useful to it, like fader curve or something.

    Enjoy. 😎

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