Issue with East West Opus in Maschine

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Hi - I am having massive problems using Opus in Maschine, I have done so in the past with no issue but the last week it is crashing constantly - all the windows error logs are to do with Opus. This isn't an NKS issue for me but I thought it might be VST3, however I just switched the 2 instances in this project to VST2 and exactly the same problem, no error as such but maschine just shuts down and I get an error log in event viewer to do with Opus. I have tried re-installing both Opus and Maschine an I get the same issue - anyone got any ideas?



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @DrP I've created this new thread from the one you posted in, as the issue was different than the question asked there.

    What is your operating system? Are you able to load the OPUS plug-in in another DAW or program?

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