Issue with East West Opus in Maschine

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Hi - I am having massive problems using Opus in Maschine, I have done so in the past with no issue but the last week it is crashing constantly - all the windows error logs are to do with Opus. This isn't an NKS issue for me but I thought it might be VST3, however I just switched the 2 instances in this project to VST2 and exactly the same problem, no error as such but maschine just shuts down and I get an error log in event viewer to do with Opus. I have tried re-installing both Opus and Maschine an I get the same issue - anyone got any ideas?



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    Hey @DrP I've created this new thread from the one you posted in, as the issue was different than the question asked there.

    What is your operating system? Are you able to load the OPUS plug-in in another DAW or program?

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    Hi Jeremy, thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay - I didn't check the forum for a bit.

    My system is fairly capable, I have an i9 9900, Windows 10, 64GB RAM and I'm running sample librarires from NVMe drives, I use an old Motu 2408Mk3 with a PCI424 interface, but this is very stable despite it's age.

    As well as seeming to correspond to the use of Opus/Play, some of the windows error logs on crashing appear to show Bex64 errors with Maschine, which upon searching suggest a lack of available memory (I have run diagnostics on the RAM and it is healthy) and also frequent issues with NIHostIntegrationAgent. I have had quite a few crashes/errors where my NI hardware seems to disconnect as either the cause or sympom of the error log, sometimes linked to using Opus.

    I am having a bit of a nightmare with this. I have been attempting to troubleshoot it with East West, although I am fairly sure the problem lies between both East/West and NI/Maschine at this point. Their support asked me to check standalone to see if it crashed. It did, but only when I played midi from my Kontrol 61 Mk2. I will list some of the steps I have currently taken to try and resolve:

    Removed all traces and re-installed/updated:


    Maschine (updated to 2.17.2 still happens)

    Removed Maschine registry etc as per the guide for crashes on the NI website

    Komplete Kontrol

    I haven't noticed it when using Opus in other software, and Opus hasn't crashed standalone since I re-installed, but it keeps happening when I use it in Maschine. The Orchestrator instrument which loads many different patches is the biggest culprit and that would fit with the memory angle, but 64GB should easily be sufficient, and I have only just started having this problem.

    Any thoughts on what I can try would be most welcome!

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    @DrP I've contacted you by email regarding your issues, my colleagues will need to have a deeper look in your system.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Great stuff thank you - please find attached the results of the support tool scan. I had a quick look inside the scan files and the most recent crashes aren't listed in the place I would have thought they would be - I can send a list/details of those from the windows event manager if they would help too?

    Many thanks,


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    @DrP Please reply to the email and send the support tool result files there, I will then forward to our specialists. I've deleted the link to the support tool in the thread (for privacy reasons).

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