Multi LFO - Control Intensity via MIDI CC?

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Is it possible to control the Multi LFO's Intensity via a MIDI CC number? I have done so with a sinewave LFO to create a Vibrato Intensity knob without issue but the Multi LFO intensity doesn't seem to work.

Do i have to use the method outlined by Evil Dragon in his LFO info post? I.e. Name all modulators and control via $ENGINE_PAR...?

The MIDI CC method would be nice simply because i can use a single code line to attach the intensity knob to multiple groups as i have done with the Vibrato Intensity knob.

Thanks for any help.


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    For reference, this is the code I am using for the Vibrato Intensity which controls all groups with a single MIDI note. Doing the same for the Multi LFO intensity doesn't work which seems strange as I have used the same method as below.

    on ui_control($Vibrato_Mix)
    	set_controller(47, $Vibrato_Mix)
    end on
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    edited May 2023

    I've ended up using Evil Dragon's method of controlling the intensity for each of the 4 LFO's I have within the instrument. My problem is that Kontakt cannot find the ID for "OSC_B_LFO" despite me triple checking the naming of everything and the code also. I have tried rebuilding from scratch and still have the same issue.

    The strange thing is, all 4 LFO Intensity sliders work as they should and control the correct LFO's on the correct groups. My issue now is controlling the Sine, Triangle, Saw, Rectangle and Random controls for "OSC_B_LFO." They do not work at all on this LFO despite using the same method as the other 3 LFO's and the same code, modified of course.

    To clarify the naming of each controllers, can someone confirm I am correct in what

    I have done please?

    1. The "volume" sliders that are added at the top of the Modulation section are named "OSC_B_LFO -> VOLUME" etc - Should they just be named OSC_B_LFO or do they need the "-> VOLUME" part as I have used?
    2. The modulator at the bottom is named "OSC_B_LFO"
    3. I have added MIDI CC controls for the PWM, Phase and Freq each named "OSC_B_LFO -> PWM" etc
    4. I have added a constant for Intensity and named "OSC_B_LFO -> INTENSITY"

    I'm puzzled so any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

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    For anyone experiencing weirdness with LFO names...I ended up using the long winded approach shown below for each group manually because whatever I did with the LFO names simply wasn't working properly. I had 3 out of 4 LFO's working perfectly so I can only assume this is some kind of bug or I'm completely missing something. I don't have time to keep wrestling with it considering the below approach works.

    I saw this post where one of the commenters experienced the same issues so it's obviously not just me finding this a pain in the backside:

    on ui_control($OSC_A_LFO_Sine)
    	set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_LFO_SINE, $OSC_A_LFO_Sine, 0, 2, -1)
    end on

    All sorted and now working at least.

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