Custom Mappings dont function in the demo, but that is not listed anywhere as a limitation

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Hi, trialing Traktor pro after endless frustrations with other softwares Midi Mapping options, after a rocky start due to a very strange bug in Traktor install ( play wouldnt work properly, had to delete application support files and reinstall to fix ) was finally able to get traktor pro 3 installed, however none of my midi mappings seem to be able to do anything . this is problematic for me as the only way I can know if Traktor is adequate to my needs is by testing the midi mapping functionality as that is where every other DJ software on the market has let me down so far. if this is an intended limitation, please make that clear in the options, and if it is not please fix so that users can test midi mappings in the demo



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    If every app you tried failed then there is some other issue. What midi controllers do you use and what OS version do you have installed on your computer?

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    There isnt a seperate issue, the reason every other app has failed is simply because their midi editors arent in depth enough to allow deep custom mappings, I am creating my own network midi controller - so while I am using a peice of hardware to generate initial midi ( Hercules Starlight ) you can essentially ignore it as the midi that is being received by the software is from a network midi device - I bought Traktor & the mappings function ( some finicky things in the editor, few features still missing such as ability to set conditional mappings based on Value rather than just CC or Note ). so the Issue that I am highlighting here is simply that nowhere in the demo promotional material does it say midi mappings will be restricted but obviously that is the case, as purchasing a license instantly made my mappings function. all I am asking here is that either the demo is updated to allow for custom midi mappings to function, or that the demo promotional material clearly states that mapping is restricted. it is not good UX to force a user to purchase your software in order to ascertain if it is fit for purpose, even if that user is admittedly an edge case.

    In terms of OS I am using Mac Ventura 13.1 as mac handles all my audio pipeline

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    theres an assumption your controller is a recognised midi device(in Preferences/Controller Manager)... and can be seen by Traktor

    if this is the case..

    In Device: choose Generic Midi

    set your "In Port" & "Out-Port" to your device... and your controller should become mappable

    Use "Add In..." to tie your midi controller to a function


    Use "Add Out..." to make Traktor software provide feedback to LED's based on the function you select etc

    some of the functions are self explanatory.... others functions require a little thought especially when mapping over the top of already mapped buttons... this is where modifiers and some conditionals come into play... mapping is sometimes trial and error... and knowing the limitations of your controller & in some circumstances the limitations of the Software(Traktor)

    i've been mapping my Maschine Jam from scratch... becos my Traktor S4 Mk1 wont work with Mac Ventura... which is a bummer, but does work on my Windows AIO-PC... so its not a big loss

    i may eventually attempt to cross communicate the Traktor S4 Mk1 via virtual port from PC - Mac & control both the Windows PC & Mac via midi...

    for now im dealing with the mapping side of things!!


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