Set the pedal input for various actions

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edited February 2022 in Maschine

I would like to be able to set the pedal input in maschine for other actions than play/pause. For example to set the tap tempo or to trigger a sound from a group.

I use a workaround by using the controller in midi mode to be able to play the kick with the pedal but it would be nice to have the possibility to manage this directly in the software without going through the midi mode.


  • tetsuneko
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    There are MIDI footswitches which you could use to send MIDI notes etc to Maschine

  • Olihop
    Olihop Member Posts: 152 Advisor

    Yes but pedal type there are not many.

    I found one that could be great for kick drumming but a bit expensive. The roland spd:one kick

    it would be cool if NI released a usb pedal like this with a big velocity sensitive pad

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