Enlarge the UI of Maschine

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The maschine software is not only convenient to browse your own expansion, but also convenient to browse other kontakt audio sources.

The problem now is to enlarge the UI of mashine, and then turn mashine into a real DAW software.


  • D-One
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    You can't, it's not resizable in terms of scaling, your only option is to use your OS scaling to make everything bigger an blurry / pixelated.

    You can change the window size with the standalone freely and have some preset sizes in the plugin but if you're looking for is bigger fonts, custom plugin window size and such NIPatcher is your only option. (should have a working windows version in a week or two)

    If NI cant deliver a decent GUI when people have been massively asking for many many years then it's hard to imagine them ever trying to make it a daw, it would be like trying to run before you can walk.

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