Searching for komplete 13 ultimate upgrade hard-drive.

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By accident i deleted my official harddisk with the komplete 13 upgrade version for owners they upgrade from komplete select. Is there somebody who wanna help me to copy all the files to my harddisk. I want to send it to you and pay the shippingcost back to Belgium. Thanks Stefanie


  • Kubrak
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    It may be handy to have the disc, but not necesary....

    You may install Komplete 13 using Native Access even if you do not have the disc. It just takes longer as all content has to be downloaded from NI servers. But for K13 it is not that much data....

    Also, I am not sure, if having a copy of someone´s other´s disc would help you. It has somehow incorporated Licence Number, so it might possibly fool Native Access and mess up things......

    Maybe that someone other has experience if that works or not... I do not know.

  • V&V Soundstudio
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    Hi Kubrak,

    Thanks for you're response. Last week i was downloading the whole version of komplete 13 from my account. I still hope there is somebody van and Will help me to give it a try because installing with the HD it's more quicker. Fingers crost 🙂

  • Kubrak
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    There is also way to get installation files using NA. (One has to copy installation file, after it is downloaded and before it is deleted by NA.) Might be worth it, at least those big ones. Or use udelete SW on your deleted NI disc.... Might or might not work. It depends on, what has happened...

    Or try ask NI, it they do not have a download link for K13 installation disc. Probably not, but they do provide on request download links for individual instruments. If needed....

  • Nico_NI
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    Hey Stephanie, this is something maybe our support can help you with.

    Feel free to contact them here: ⬅️

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