User Remote Scripts for M32 with Ableton Lite 11

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Hi, I am trying to learn how to create user remote scripts for the M32 with Ableton Lite 11 for a visually impaired student of mine. can anyone point me in the direction of an up to date tutorial or any information on how to set these up? Ive looked at several youtube tutorials but we can't seem to make it because they are all slightly different and we cant figure out which is correct for Lite 11 + M32 - Thank you!



  • JesterMgee
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    What is the need for a user remote script?

    The M32 should work with its own script to allow track navigation and control over KK. The problem I would expect is that the user remote script will have zero audible feedback so the user will have no idea what any control will be doing.

    I know how to make a user script for any keyboard, I have some for my MK1 keyboard and an A series that offer access to mixer and "blue hand" control from MIDI mode of the keyboard allowing switching between KK and "Auto-Map MIDI" modes. I don't have an M series but I assume it works with KK to allow creation of a MIDI template. All that would be needed is to replace the MIDI device name with the M series keyboard and then make sure you setup things the same way as the example shows for any other MIDI keyboard.

    Would help to know what the expected outcome will be tho as this method above requires you to have 2 scripts selected for the 1 keyboard if you want BOTH KK and MIDI control over Ableton Live.

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