Traktor 3.8 problem with the Playlists.

DJ Ground
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Hi! :D

Have a Problem.

The cues are not beeing saved into the songs. The files are not locked. It works with some songs, with others i cannot save cues :(. I mean, i load the song, make some cues, then i load another song into the same deck, then i reload the first song and the cues are not stored. Windows 11 ..forgot to tell :D

I have send the Info to Support, know.

Im really struggling with traktor when i go to the gigs, im the only one using it and i stand against everyone :D. Thinking about moving because im not playing to much electronic music now.

Any clues about the playlists?

Thank you all!





  • EXY
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    Are they imported into your collection?

  • lord-carlos
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  • saradis
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    I can verify that sometimes on 3.8 as well as the 3.9 betas sometimes the tags of the files are not updated (tags also contain the cues) when you change any field or cue point. They are still there on the collection, but not updated if you take the file to another computer/collection. Also the opposite happens and traktor doesn't read changes you've made to tags (from a program like mp3tag) when you load it or click on the row in the collection or check for consistency. It's like the setting for writing tags is being disabled randomly.

    If you are having this problem but on the same collection/computer, check if you've enabled tag writing in the settings. Also check the location of the files that have the problem (like if they're not imported and located in a folder or drive that the system can't write to) and test them in another location that you have working files, just in case.

  • DJ Ground
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    Hi, i really apreciatte your comments, but after a long time (many years using and buying many NI Hardware), i migrated to serato. For me not having the latest spec software is not an issue, but when the playlist starts to have problems.... I have waited for a very long time that NI appears with something exiting, but nothing on the table for djs. The latest thing that was usefull for me was the maschine mk2 and the z2. NI doest make to much for djs. :(

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