Does Traktor support multiple MIDI controllers of the same type?

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I have two Denon LC6000 units I'd like to use together with Traktor Pro 3 -- one to control Deck A and one to control Deck B. I have a MIDI map set up, and I've imported it twice via tsi file. It works once I've got it set up so I can control Deck A with one LC6000 and Deck B with the other. However, Traktor doesn't remember the port mappings after it is closed and re-opened, so each time I restart Traktor I have to go into the Controller Manager and remap the In/Out ports for my "Left controller" map and my "Right controller" map. Does Traktor just not handle multiples of the same MIDI controllers cleanly since the USB port names are the same? (I'm on Mac.) Is there a workaround / hack?

Switching the controller mapping between "Deck [letter]" vs. "Focus" doesn't seem to make a difference.

And as far as I can figure out, it's not possible to change the MIDI channel that the LC6000 uses. It seems to always use Ch01.

Any suggestions?




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  • LostInFoundation
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    I think it’s probably due, as you are implicitly already saying, because of the same channel on which the Denons are sending. Traktor supports 2 D2 or 2 F1 no problem, so the trick is by LC6000 side.

    At least you can use them. Consider remapping I/O ports as the workaround 😉

  • Stevan
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    Traktor should not do that. The settings (ports and mappings made) should be saved when you close Traktor. What version do you use and did you set to "All Ports"?

  • djsaimin
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    Hi Stevan, I’m using Traktor Pro 3.8.0 and I’m not using “All Ports”. I think the issue is that both LC6000 units have identically named input and output ports when connected to the Mac. I map the controller I’ve named “left” to the first one on the list of ports and the one I’ve named “right” to the second one on the list. If I do this on startup it sticks through the session but then when I close and reopen I have to do the mapping again.

    In the controller manager when Traktor is reopened they still show named mappings - not n/a or None or All Ports, but they seem to have gotten mixed up about which of the Denon USB port maps to which software controller in Traktor.

    Traktor doesn’t forget the port mapping of my X1 in between sessions which is what makes me think it is a software but - that it doesn’t deal well with two identically named ports on the Mac - maybe however the details are saved in the tsi file, they’re referenced by name without any provision for port name conflicts.

    I also can’t find any way on a Mac to rename a USB device if it’s not a storage drive.

    Hopefully that’s clear. any ideas?

  • djsaimin
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    LostInFoundation, thanks. Do you know how to rename I/O ports on a Mac? I couldn’t find anything when I was searching that up last night.



  • Stevan
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    Hi Mike,

    Sounds like a hardware limitation.. You cannot reconfigure the controller port names, that is a firmware issue (not a mapping problem).

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