Ventura 13.3.1 (22E261) and Traktor 3.8.0

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Hi, i couldnt log in with my previous account, but big problem.

Played last week with 3.8.0 and everything was good.

Today went to club and all my settings, playlist, analyzed files,history, everything were deleted and i had to start from 0.

Like new installed Traktor with no library. I have nothing left. Lucky files are in external disc, so they are safe.

I dont wanna analyze my 35k+ library i have to work, if there isn't any fix, i give up.

Computer: M2 Pro


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  • Sûlherokhh
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    Your past collections are saved in the folder '\Traktor 3.8.0\Backup\Collection'. Copy the most recent one into the folder '\Traktor 3.8.0', delete the corrupted collection.nml and rename the copied backup file to collection.nml. That should save you re-analysis.

    I am sure fixing that specific bug has a stellar priority.

  • Aivar00
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    I think i solved problem. With latest update came "upload Documents to icloud" and it deleted all files from "Documents" and started to upload them to cloud.

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