Komplete Kontrol S-Series Sales



  • nightjar
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    Actually, what I have outline would INCREASE the development of NKS and its purpose within a control and library tool. The current "hardware-limited" approach is holding it back.

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,235 Guru

    There are so many wonderful opportunities for the development of performance data creation/capture coupled with new parameters of sonic manipulation made possible by incredibly fast signal analysis/processing. We need flagship controllers that can adapt to this dynamic environment. The potential for a more organic connection to the sounds & music we imagine is exciting.

    Chasing the past is a failed mission.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Yes, and more precisely about “I see the S-series keyboards are currently on sale. Any reason for this?”.

    You started talking about something else about what you want for development , we answered.

    But ok, I’ll leave you alone, saying what you want to say and not accepting answers about it 👍🏼

  • nightjar
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    And the reason the S-Series are in sale might be because a new "flagship" controller may becoming out soonish.

    Is it just an S-Series MK 3?

    Or something even more forward-thinking?

  • nightjar
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    An new forward-thinking flagship controller might need to enter the market at a price point similar to where the S-Series was before the price drop.

    By reducing the price of the S-Series now, NI can make room to introduce a new flagship without a bunch of users being upset that they just bought an S-Series at the same price.

    The S-Series MK 2 can continued to be offered after the new flagship comes out.

    And the new flagship can usher in a much better, forward-focused approach to the relationship between a controller and computer-based music production system in the year 2024 & beyond.

  • Kubrak
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    If Maschine MK4 will have touch screen, S-series keyboards will get it most probably as well.

    IMHO, displays on KK are fine, probably not must have for those who have also Maschine MK3 or Studio, but still pleasant addition.

    If you prefer more using computer screen to using instrument dedicated screen, just buy keyboard without screens and save money. There are folks who appreciate those screens and are willing to pay for them. ;-)

  • nightjar
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    Needed to accommodate the limitations of the screens on these controllers prevents essential evolution of the overall music production ecosystem NI needs to offer to stay competitive in the market.

    A path out of this problem would be to make Maschine its own separate ecosystem that lives within these constraints. Free up the larger world of NI to build towards the future.

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