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Steve Saunders
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I placed an order to upgrade to Komplete 14 Ultimate and it's been 24 hours and I have not received any e-mail confirmation or downloads. This is a digital service - what is taking so long?? Not a good first experience with this company.

I purchased Komplete 14 Standard along with Rise n Hit and Kinetic Toys. Within the hour I decided I'd be better off with Ultimate so I upgraded, hoping they would be able to refund me for RnH and KT. I have gotten no response from anybody to help me with this and I am beyond frustrated now. I'm ready to dispute this whole purchase with my bank and move on from NI...


  • JesterMgee
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    Might pay to have some patience in these cases, I know it can be hard in this age of "everything now" but it is the weekend and usually people have some time off work so cut these guys a little slack.

    Sometimes a manual step is needed with things like upgrades, sometimes because of the location of NI and where you live the payment is delayed/held for security reasons which could be the case with a purchase direct after the first one for the same company could have triggered a hold.

    Best thing would be to open a ticket. I assume you have your initial purchase of Standard? Just get to work installing that, submit a ticket and stay calm, your issue will be resolved soon enough so don't stress that you have lost your money or something, just some time will lapse but you will still have something to use in the meantime...

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Steve Saunders the reason is as JesterMgee pointed out above, unfortunately. Sorry for the inconveniences here.

    I see that our support team has manually released your order and you should receive all the downloads already.

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