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Hi All,

I've created a switch, I've got my 6 part .png, alls fine, EXCEPT the image moves when I mouseover. I don't want this to happen. The image change is fine but I don't want it to move (like it jumps out). Can I disable this? I can't find anything in KSP manual or other posts, nor in anything online (YouTube, VI Control etc).




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    These are the fifth or sixth images of your file which are certainly not well aligned; look in this direction.

    Images consisting of 6 frames correspond o the following states. Frame selection is automatic as with buttons/switches .

    1: Inactive

    2: Active

    3: Inactive pressed

    4: Active pressed

    5: Inactive mouse over

    6: Active mouse over

  • Ctd
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    Thanks, I was right about to come on here and post 'never mind, fixed' due to that exact reason!

    Always a simple fix that I just can't see.

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