What is your best advice/tutorial to make House Music on Maschine/Maschine Plus?

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I know that many of you create in this genre of music and do it successfully on Maschine. I dedicate this thread more to House music and the techniques that can be used to create it. I found this tutorial a while back and it has been great in helping me transfer what I've done on Maschine or Maschine Plus to a DAW. Demuir himself is also a House music producer - maybe this will help someone.



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    The NI Youtube Channel has some useful video's.

    Like this one:

    Any other video made by the same guy there's more than worth a watch. After looking all of them you more than likely know almost anything about Maschine.

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  • Warren Postma
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    Also useful is Jeff Gibbons channel on youtube.

    Starting with some of the Maschine patterns in some of the maschine libraries/expansions is a great way to start your track.

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    Jeff is really great…but he is the last person I would link to House music 😂

    But his tutorials make you understand Maschine, so they are useful for any genre

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    Nice! This is not tutorial but great video anyway.

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    tnx! I really like the tutorials Peter Robot posts on YT, f.e.

    More House tutorials on Maschine from him: https://www.youtube.com/@PeterRobotMusic/search?query=maschine

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    Lots of good material already posted but I’d like to add another trick.

    Use lock states and morphing between them to get interesting transitions between sections. It works really well for dance music as well.

  • Cretin Dilettante
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    I don't make house, but if I had to guess...you load up a drum kit and go oontz itz atz itz oontz itz atz itz, then add some funky piano chords and acid bass. Maybe add in the occasional vocal sample to spice things up. But that's basically it. 8-16 bars in 4/4 with some minor variation and you're good to go. You don't even have to write a B section, broseph. You can just create a sense of movement by adding/subtracting layers or using filters/delays to transition between loops. Boom. House Music. Oontz itz atz itz oontz itz atz itz. Yeah.

  • AdelV
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    Thank you all for great videos!

  • Warren Postma
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    The best and most House like part of Boris’ video on the official NI channel, in my opinion is that he’s got the vinyl sample sound and the vinyl workflow (building a lot of the groove around resampling existing samples that have been given a very vintage vinyl vibe), and I think that while I’m not huge into “house” I like the “uplifting” (happy) house that he makes.

    I do wish he spent a tiny bit more time showing us what he’s doing. I am still early on in the learning curve and navigating my project via the hardware is the current problem I’m facing, the video is more appropriate for someone who has already made lots of stuff and is comfortable navigating around maschine hardware (and software) and has a “flow” going.

    I remain in search of “help me find my flow” resources.

  • djadidai
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    It’s not as simple as @Cretin Dilettante says, the difficult part is to make something “easy” sound groovy and dynamic, not repetitive and flat. That’s the hard part. What you’d need to do is experiment with velocities and mix volumes, EQ and compression to make that “easy loop” feel like it could go on forever and ever without making your ears tired. Make sure to be super selective when it comes to EVERY sample/sound you choose, add or consider adding. “Less is more” is most often the best advice. It’s not about how many layers or sounds, it’s about finding something that makes you/listener wanna bounce. A quick tip: snares, hihats and percs should be quieter than you think. And even then, take them down just a little bit more. Peace

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