Reaktor - CORRECT Ensemble sounds different! why?

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hey guys, this really gets on my nerves, i mean how can this be? i loaded the CORRECT Reaktor ensemble, it is the SAME ensemble i used in the past, i found my old copies/saves of it but 1 or 2 (i just checked the first sound now) sounds samey but suddenly there is some noise/bright sound in there. here you hear my very old loop and then i play the same in Reaktor freshly loaded. i just dunno how this can be... this gets me really desperate, i dont use another Reaktor version.

this is very time consuming and things like this i just cannot find any error on my side?




  • Paule
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    Is it the same computer or a different machine?

    Mayhaps the sound card is different or has different settings.

  • Gibson845
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    thx a lot Paule,

    yes it is the 3rd pc, the project is about 10 years old. but so different?

  • colB
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    Maybe you are using a different sample rate setting?

    Sometimes sample rate changes can make a significant difference to the sound of an instrument unless the developer has specifically done the work to account for changes.

    E.g. anything that uses samples, but also things like white random vs noise. For white noise that to sound the same as an audio source at different sample rates, the output level needs to be adjusted. But if you scale the output level, then don't use the same module for generating random values because they will be scaled! The library white noise is problematic in this way!

    EDIT: its not sample rate - I found the ensemble - very cool synth!.

    Are you sure the original sound wasn't an edited version of that 'eleven' patch? Maybe with some of the fancy 'performer' LFO action?

  • Paule
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    If I start the fresh download in R6 got this message:

    Loading with R5.9.4 and save again there is no message in R6 and the sound is clear.

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