9 for 99 sale: What are your TOP 3 expansions?

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It's THAT time of the year and we're celebrating EXPANSIONS with another 9 for 99 special.

With over 100 titles in our catalogue ranging from classic funk to the hard sound of EBM, there's something for everyone and we'd love to hear what your favorites are.

Which EXPANSIONS would make it to your TOP 3?



  • mayanrelic
    mayanrelic Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I'm still waiting on my 9 for 99 to be emailed to me, but of the ones I have so far:

    Crate Cuts

    Faded Reels

    Opaline Drift

  • Tigersharc
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    Certified Gold

    Burnt Hues

    Pure Drip

  • Koldunya
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    I'd have to say Opaline Drift, Lone Forest, and Polar Flare.

    I wish I could add Prismatic Bliss to that list, but I keep telling myself not to buy it since due to some REX files NI just won't allow it on the Maschine+ as the Plus can't use REX files. What a shame... >_> I would literally just delete those files off the SD card, accept a disclaimer, or whatever, etc.

    But I digress. Cheeky plug for Prismatic Bliss on the M+ done :D

    DIS-ONE Member Posts: 35 Helper

    Different expansions for different styles…

    1. Conant Gardens- JDilla style kits and represents the Detroit style.
    2. QueensBridge Story- The classic HAVOC ( Mobb Deep) style of kits. Classic NYC style.
    3. Trill Ray & Sacred Futures are geared towards todays Rap/ Trap market. Perfect for what’s on the charts today.
    4. Crate Cuts and Faded Reels are more of a LoFi style of HIPHOP. These are just a few choices I would suggest. Especially since I bought 95% of the expansions that NI have out so far. Lol
  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @DIS-ONE and @mayanrelic said:

    Crate Cuts

    Interesting. Crate Cuts seem to be everyone's favorite this year. I wouldn't have guessed!

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Koldunya said:

    I'd have to say Opaline Drift, Lone Forest, and Polar Flare.

    Kinda like the combo you suggested here. Three different takes on electronica but all go so well together.

    P.S. I remember hearing Opaline Drift for the first time and could tell right away from the first few secs that it was inspired by Tycho.

  • Matt_NI
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    I'll have to think about my top 3 for a minute (it's a tough choice) but I'll definitely have to throw Bumping Flava for good measure and Burnt Hues was also a fire one.

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 470 Pro

    Wait, there are 100+??? I have 87 and I thought i had a complete set after my sale purchases. Is there a complete list somewhere other than going through the site and hitting load more, load more, load more until there's no more?

  • PK The DJ
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    I guess if you include the Massive and Massive X expansions, there are over 100 - but those are not included in the offer...

    It looks like there are 10 Massive X ones, but nine are excluded under the T&Cs of the offer (so in theory Our House should be included, but doesn't have a 'special offer' tag). 🤔

    The Massive ones are quite hard to find, but they do exist. Again though, T&Cs exclude them, so it's rather misleading to state that there are over 100 when promoting the offer.

  • Alex290
    Alex290 Member Posts: 6 Member

    My personal Top 3 are:

    • Certified Gold
    • Marble Rims
    • Crate Cuts

    Honestly there are so much really good Expansions available to make a complete Decision impossible. 😂😂

    This are the Expansions I’ve bought at the Sale:

    -Sacred Futures 

    -Trill Rays

    -Burnt Hues 

    -Backyard Jams 

    -Street Swarm

    -Crate Cuts

    -Certified Gold

    -Headland Flow

    -Prospect Haze

  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 1,327 Expert

    It's a pitty for NI - Me don't need an Expansion for Reaktor.

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