Battery Cells not Loading, Greyed out Cells



  • LostInFoundation
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    There should be a law stating “If a product is not working as advertised the company must stop selling the product until everything is fixed. If a bug is affecting users for more than one month, part of the money should be given back”.

    I’m sure in this way the priority lists would change drastically and bugs would be fixed immediately 😏

  • st-h
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    @Jeremy_NI thank you. But, is there a way to downgrade back to a previous version, that does not have those issues? I tried copying over the audio unit from my old computer, which unfortunately stills runs on intel, to a M1 Mac. But unfortunately, this leads to worse results where battery just shows a blank kit instead of recalling the stored state. Maybe additional files also need to be copied, or there could be issues with running the intel binary on m1, so a clean installation would really be preferable.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @st-h I can give you this old version: Battery 4.1.6 I'm not sure how it will perform on a recent operating system. To use the plug-in version, you would need to run your DAW in Rosetta mode.

  • ethelgrape
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    @Jeremy_NI I'm also experiencing this problem, extremely frustrating. Hope a fix comes very soon.

  • Yoosey
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    Not sure if this has already been said elsewhere but I've found if you temporally open Logic in Rosetta, at least you can load Battery instances without cells being greyed out and it gives you the option to locate missing samples if you need to. You also have to open each instance and often click on used cells to hear the samples play. Then do one of the other workarounds to save yourself doing that all over again the next time you re-open the project. Bouncing to audio is the only failsafe method I've found.

  • Peter Meldgaard
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    I just can't believe that you NI can ignore such a breaking bug for more than 5 month and still have no timeline for a fix. I'm a developer myself working for a larger Music equipment company, and I can tell you most companies like us would never allow such a thing to happen. It is simply pissing customers in the face, sorry my language!

    Any software manager in charge should prioritise such a bug over any other activity, and roll out a hotfix as quickly as possible. Many of us are trying to live by our music making, and this is a blocker for our work, so this is so critical that YOU NI do not get the finger out and FIX IT.

    Best regards from a really dissatisfied customer

  • One Track Brain
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    Any updates ? This bug is holding me back big time. I work with a cheese grater intell in the studio and macbook M2 on the go. So i need this switch to go smoothly. Considering switching to another drum sampler altogether ... any suggestions ?

  • lenz23
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    Same problem here. Everytime i reload the kits and close the plugin next time I open it battery has forgotten al the samples again and it goes quiet. Very annoying.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    FYI, this issue should be fixed in the next Battery update. Unfortunately I can't share an ETA yet.

  • Ogrek
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    Just bought a new Mac M2 Max. Have the same issue as well. Battery 4 is an absolute essential part of my workflow. Not being able to locate my samples after reopening the project is unusable. Is this fixable without the update?

  • qlusterduck
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    is there any news on this?

  • qlusterduck
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    Just dropping it here for anyone else who may be experiencing the same problem - upon reinstallation of both battery 4 and the library, this issue has been resolved.

  • djripraw
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    I'm using Battery version 4.3 with Logic Pro 10.8.1 on Mac Sonoma with M2 Max chip. When I first open my project, Battery produces no sound. I have to open the plugin's UI before it starts playing - then it's fine. It's workable, but quite annoying having to open each Battery instance when I open my project. Any one else getting this?

    It's also losing changes. Example - I add 3 samples and close it. Re-open it to add a 4th sample then close it. I can hear all 4 samples. Then I re-open it and the 4th sample and all it's settings are gone, and I can no longer hear the 4th sample

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @djripraw Not sure if this is related to this bug. We had several reports of issues with M2 Max/Ultra and M3 chips. We're tring to get our hands on one of these Macs to test.

  • yuasa
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    @djripraw Similar symptoms occur on M1 macmini.

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