Are we going to see a SH101-style step sequencer on Maschine?

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Hi, ever since i've got my Maschine MK3 i am longing for a SH101-style step sequencer, where i can enter multiple notes per step to record chords in a step. As a beta-tester i've also uploaded a full description of how this could be implemented UI/UX wise.

(NB i'm aware i can use the rotaries and note-editor to achieve this, but i'm really looking for the seamless 101-way.)

I really would like to see such a thing, right now i'm eyeing an Arturia Keystep or a Roland J-6 to achieve this, but it would be so much better if we could have this functionality on the Maschine.

More people that like to see this?


  • TheLoudest
    TheLoudest Member Posts: 110 Advisor

    it would be really cool (and useful)


  • ozon
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    I’m more of a monophonic synth lines composer, but I see the benefit of such a feature and support this idea!

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