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Maschine MK3 integration w/Traktor (Remix Decks, Effects, Loops,Etc.)

Brad G.
Brad G. Member Posts: 4 Member

I've been requesting this for a while. Got some email responses back in 2018 that it was on their list but no follow up.

Let me say firstly that I have bought mappings for the MK3 and am not satisfied with the integration of remix decks. This is my big "want"!

Back in the day I had a good mapping for the MK1 that I had put together. Then, NI put together remix deck support for the MK1 integrated the same as the F1 (This is a brilliant way to sell their controllers). I assumed that it was only a matter of time for them to do the same for the MK3.

I got rid of the MK1 and upgraded to the MK3.

Does anyone else desire this? Is this still on the feature request list?

Seems like a sound investment for all things NI (especially current product) to work well together.



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