How do you configure Session Strings to work with Roli Seaboard Rise 2?

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I've searched through Roli and NI's support articles and have not found anything "Up-to-Date" when it comes to enabling the MPE features on Roli's Seaboard Rise 2.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Ladd You can follow the steps of this video if the library allows editing:

    There are also some libraries like Ashlight that have MPE Support Or Slate & Ash's Aura.

    Maybe some Kontakt users here with MPE keyboards can share their tips!

  • Ladd
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    Hey Jeremy I appreciate the response. I've watched that video several times and the details of that is acurate for the jazz guitar with an older version of Kontakt, but not for the newest version.

    As far using Ashlight or purchasing any other VST's through NI, I'd rather figure it on the current VST's before spending more money.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Ladd I hear you, it makes total sense. I see you have Komplete 13, that means you still have the Kontakt Factory Library 1, it should be accessible in Kontakt 7 but in the old browser:

    Any library with the little tool wrench on the left side should let you edit the scripts. I hope that helps. I don't have a Roli unfortunately but I hope someday I'll be able to get one of these Expressive E Osmose keyboards!

  • esage2000
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    Hi there, I have a question: I’m maybe going to buy a seaboard rise2. I checked the video, but to be honest: I’m bit to lazy creating presets for every instrument of Komplete 14. Is - or will there be - a download support for presets? Or maybe an option to choose a ‚seaboard map preset‘ just like it exists for Roland Vdrums in drum AUs like studio drummer or abbey road drums?

    thank you.

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