Komplete Kontrol M32 always stuck on Midi Mode!

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I've bought M32 on last year and 90% of used time is plug and unplug the keys. because it's alway stuck on midi mode. At the first I thought It's because MacOs Monterey. So I've try to refund but the shop said I can't refund because I've redeemed the key on NI site. I've bought it within a day! Okay! If I can't refund I'll wait then. I've wait for Komplete Kontrol M32 hardware update. Until now 2023 It's still have same issue since I've bought it on 2021. OMG, That's great!

Now Komplete Kontrol M32 becoming my worst things I've ever bought in musician career.

I'll never bought any hardware from NI again. Thanks. Goodbye.



  • JesterMgee
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    So, you are now gone?? Should I try and help since you seem to be just complaining and not asking for help? Not even sure what DAW/Software you are trying to use the keyboard with, failed to mention that part.

    So you have had it 2 years but only now posted for I assume some help? Possibly the issue could have been resolved years ago if you explained it in some more detail.

  • beeebeeeb
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    I've try to contact support, try to fixed everything even DAW/software but it still suck dude.

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