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Mister Hayman
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oi oi savaloy

is there a way to reset or remove all the cue point sin a track please.

.. i tend to be a bit trigger happy with the big white shiny buttons :)

stay safe and press Play ,,


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  • Karlos Santos
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    Welcome To The Forum.

    There's no simple way to delete multiple Hot Cues, that I can remember.

    You could set a simple keyboard command to delete the current hot cue easily enough. You can then select each Hot Cue on your controller and press the delete key that you made and delete the Hot Cues one by one.

    You could create a mapping that deletes all Hot Cues and bind it to a key on your keyboard but it won't be simple as Traktor won't delete consecutive Hot Cues without some use of clever use of the Invert settings - I just had a go and it will delete Hot Cue 1 and 3 but misses Hot Cue 2 and I couldn't figure it out quickly enough.

    I'm sure one of the clever mapping gurus around here can help.



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