Kontakt 7 + Playbox: Exporting AIF @ 96,000HZ,24 sounds pitched down at start

tomas vanderhaasse
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This is from a report over on Reason. The behavior was confirmed on Ableton, so the Reason devs asked me to ping NI with the report.

From the original Reason report:


Ventura 13.0.1


Open attached .reason file 

In the file, the audio is coming from a Kontakt 7 containing a PlayBox 

Export Loop As Audio File 

Choose Audio AIFF File 

In Audio Export Settings Dialog choose: 

Sample Rate: 96,000 Hz 

Bit Depth: 24 

Click on Export Button.

Repeat steps but this time 

Sample Rate: 48,000 Hz 

Bit Depth: 24


In the 96,000 Hz .aif file, the first bar or so will sound pitched down compared to playback within Reason. Afterward a bar or so, it will sound as expected. 

In comparison, the 48,000Hz .aif file, the audio matches the audio playback with in Reason.


pitch03122023.reason Sample .reason file 

pitch0312202396.aif exported aif @ 96,000Hz, 24. Just the first bar to keep upload size down. Note that the audio sounds pitched down.

pitch0312202348.aif exported aif @ 48,000Hz, 24. also just the first bar. Audio sounds as expected.

At one point I got an Alert Dialog: "Kontakt 7 Please close and restart Kontakt after a sample rate change!"

I am not certain how to restart Kontakt, other than closing the VST window in the Rack and reopening it and/or Quitting Reason and relaunching it. I looked around in the settings, etc. but it is still not clear if there is another way to 'restart' Kontakt 7. After all the things I tried, I still got the same pitch results on export loop to 96,000Hz, 24. Perhaps I am missing something: any clarification would be appreciated.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @tomas vanderhaasse Thanks for the detailed report. I'll try to reproduce the issue and file the bug if needed. It might take me a little while but I'll try to find some time for that!

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