To those who bought Komplete 14, DO NOT OVERLOOK THOSE EMAILS!!!

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Sorry for the all caps there, but there are promos and then there are promos. And me, I normally trash marketing emails faster than the speed of light. But this one I have to mention.

Komplete 14, I don't know if this is just for CE or also Ultimate or even standard (you might have to check on that), comes with iZotope Ozone 10 standard, and if you use the automatic guesser supersound fixer that comes with it, it turns a mediocre mix into a work of art that sounds like a million bucks. It analyzes everything and makes the proper adjustments so it sounds a 100 times better than before, and then you can fine tune that.

So naturally I wondered what the full version had, but at around $500 I said, well, I'd rather spend that on something else for now since Ozone 10 Standard still does a hell of job.

But today I was looking for something else related to NI, so I did a search for Native Instruments in my inbox, and I see this email that says "80% off Music Production Suite 5.2".

Obviously I'm not going to put the code here because I don't know if it's meant for everybody, but the thing is, with that code, I think I paid like $214 for it. Obviously the 80% is off from the retail price which is $1,000 (I hate when companies do the $999 *****. Like I can do s***t with $1). But hey, $214 for this suite? That's a really good deal.

And if it's not for you, that's perfectly fine, but it ends in 15 days, so I just wanted to make sure nobody missed it.

This comes with a sh*tload of programs, and the install process is not perfect, since you have to enter your system password for each and every one of them. But hell man, it's worth it.


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    "I think I paid like $214 for it."

    And it gets better than that if you know where to look...

    As a Music Production Suite 4 owner - I saw this promo as well and while the NI price was good - the price in my actual IzoTope acct was better.

    Better still was the price I attained by shopping at one of my favorite online stores that many of you may know (but I will not mention here) located in Santa Ana, CA

    I managed to upgrade for 132.00 USD.

    Some great deals to be had for the eagle-eyed plugin fan :)


  • ProfessorChaos
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    I also love that the iZotope suite has an audio editor like Audition. I got fed up of the Adobe subscription machine and when I did a clean install of Ventura last year I said "No more Adobe in this machine".

    But Logic Pro X is an excellent DAW, but it's not an audio editor like Audition. Audacity's GUI to me looks like a trainwreck from the 90's, and I didn't find anything I liked. Now I have this great audio editor, along with lots of other tools.

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