Can't register new Maschine MK3 hardware

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I just received a brand new Maschine MK3 and am having issues registering it in Native Access. I tried registering in the original Native Access that I already had installed, and get the error "Something went wrong during the registration of MASCHINE MK3 HW Registration error: Registration failed for unknown reasons". I know the serial is right, because the error changes to "Unknown serial" if I mistype it.

I tried installing Native Access 2 and adding the serial gives me the error "An error occured while processing your serial".

I've tried on two separate machines, so I don't believe it is an issue with my Native Access installation. I don't see any reference of this error on NI help pages or when I Google for the error. I have opened a support ticket, but was wondering if there was anything I could try while waiting on a response.

Edit: Got a response through support the minute I posted. My serial works now. If anyone gets this error, and finds this post through searching, just wait for support to get back to you!

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  • Idan68
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    Hi i have the same problem, anyone can help me please?

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Glad everything is all sorted out @jakepie

    @Idan68 Please get in touch with our support team here: so we can help you out.

  • bobbybass
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    having the exact same issue and have been waiting forever for a reponse from support. What did they do specifically? Did you have a previous hardware version of maschine or maschine Komplete elements?

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