Dependency installation taking longer than normal with Native Access on Windows 7

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I'm trying to update Native Access on all my machines. On both Win10 machines it's gone OK, but on both Win7 machines I get the message that Dependency Installation is taking longer than normal.

I already searched for a solution, and found a thread about the problem, but no actual solutions. Support suggested that, if necessary, you can uninstall the partially installed Native Access 2, and return to Native Access 1, but that's actually not true, because any version tries to connect to the internet, to update itself, before it will actually open - and Native Access 1 can no longer find the servers at NI.

So I'm left with two machines on which I simply can't use Native Access at all. Did anyone ever solve the problem?

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    Hey @Pingu1 Native Access 2 is not compatible with Windows 7, it only supports Windows 10 & 11. You would need to use the older version of Native Access: Native Access 1 Legacy Installers for Older Operating Systems

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    @Pingu1 You are right, the information in that article is incorrect and I've asked for correction, thanks to your input.

    These legacy versions available on the website are specific and will not auto update.


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