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    Ellen Allien filling in for Carl Cox at the last minute, Sónar 2004. She was no newcomer, but she seemed a bit taken aback by the big stage. It was obvious because the still used the huge screens and tight camera shots of the DJ's face. So even if the venue had tens of thousands of dancers, there was this weird sense of intimacy. In 04 everything was a bit electro/electroclash, the musical scenes that would define the aughts were still just one big pool, everyone was playing a lot of the same tracks, especially that pre-release copy of the We Are Your Friends remix. the seperation into electrohouse, french house, minimal house etc had yet to happen. But Ellen was doing something slightly more subtle, more emotional, more deep. And the crescendo was when she plugged the headphones into the mic port and did a vocal performance. Voice slightly frail, imagine the nerves, but the performance was all the better for it, soooo moving.

    That's the one. Later I saw Justice in one of their earliest gigs, they were drunk prats. Unless that was at 07? Dunno. Oh well.

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    Imagine having to fill in for Carl Cox last minute 🥶 The pressure she must have been under

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    One night, a metro train that was converted into a club for a short period of time ran back and forth around the city until the clock struck midnight. Speakers were haphazardly attached around the handle bars, and there were wires running everywhere.

    I honestly don't remember anything about the music, but I do recall that due of the crazed jumping around, the entire train shook the entire time. It was enjoyable...

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    That one show you'll never forget... It's incredible how music can evoke such a profound feeling, where time stands still and a sense of oneness rules. These memories are engraved in our hearts permanently, like treasures.

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    It was dancing on the street/square. Unknown band has played unknown songs on the street. We have suddenly started to dance with group of friends. Other people first just looked, but some of them has joined. Mainly kids as adults were sort of shy (it was in Germany). And the time and space disappeared for few minutes....

    Those were strange vibrant moments, hard to forget.

  • Fritz
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    Im terrible with these questions.. but last month I was pretty impressed by Test Dept on Infest festival in the UK.

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    Saw John Cale last year in the UK - that was a bucket list thing

  • antenia
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  • leoa69
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    I was lucky enough to experience an amazing DJ show in the lively city of Los Angeles. When the DJ stepped onto the stage, you could feel the excitement in the air, and the anticipation in the crowd was electric. The music flowed through the venue, capturing the hearts of everyone in the room, and the captivating light display added a stunning visual element to the whole experience. It was a night filled with unforgettable beats, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and excitement. Los Angeles sure knows how to host a fantastic party, and this DJ show was a shining example of the city's dynamic nightlife scene. like it was greate to listen those music which I used to listen on the YouTube Vanced since many years.

  • zeynmalik
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    Hands down, the best live show I've ever been to was sickick. It was like they could read our minds, mixing tracks that got everyone dancing and vibing. The energy was insane, and I still get chills thinking about it. If you ever get the chance to see them live, don't think twice – just go for it!

  • Jiglo
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    DJ Shadow's Shadowsphere tour when he brought it to the UK some 12-13 years ago was just the most amazing audiovisual experience, combining turntable skills and an incredible 3D moving image show. There were turntablists doing av shows before then, but Shadow raised it to a level that i've never seen since then, even with his own shows. He raised the bar so high, only Roger Water's was doing anything remotely similar, but in big stadiums, to Shadow's clubs.

    But in terms of sound, an Italian DJ, whose name has escaped me since (to my shame), who I saw downstairs in Tresor maybe 6 or so years ago, started his set with noises, like crackles and sci-fi sounds for the first 30-40 minutes or so before building up to a beat and then building into a pumping set over the next few hours. It was a real 1 off. I've never heard any club, or any venue on earth sound as good as that night as it was a full on, full audio frequency spectrum feast instead of the typical limited frequency sound of techno. It really felt like being on a spacecraft to some far flung galaxy of pleasure with a collective of willing participants. It's a shame that repeat visits to the club have always sounded a bit flat and 2 dimensional since knowing the speaker system is capable of incredible things.

    Berghain is an experience in different ways. Getting the nod from Sven the 2 times i've been always put me on a natural high for a few hours. That is a different kind of show that I feel lucky to have witnessed. Another great sound system with a lot of great energy in the club, but from speaking the friends the boat might have sailed there since I last went there maybe 4 or so years ago.

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    I would have loved to have been there. I've still never seen Cash Money and i've seen most of my turntablist heroes now.

    I used to watch DMC local heats and finals and other events around the northern hemisphere back in the 90s and 2000s (still watch some to this day). I even saw a lot of competition before the doors opened to the ticket holders at some thanks to traveling with DMC after writing in for tickets (before the internet), but the set that impressed me the most was DJ Noize in Rimini 96 (I think). Him being the first I saw to spar lyrics from different records. I've loved scratching for most of my life, but to see the scratching, juggling and mc battles in his set has always been the set i've remembered the most.

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    We've brought you our DJs who defined the year and top breakthrough DJs who are shaking up the dance music landscape, and now it's time for our top live acts of 2022 (in alphabetical order).

    Melding together the worlds of rap, AV, theatre and electronic into an almost dissonant clash of forms, Preston-born multidisciplinary artist Blackhaine’s live offering at events such as No Bounds Festival, C2C, Unsound, Tresor and Corsica Studios is one we won’t be forgetting any time soon. He touches on themes of drug abuse and Northern poverty, and the shame and self-destructiveness that comes with it — employing blood-curdling noise riffs, his signature Lancashire accent and synths that never quite seem to hit the right melody to give you respite, all accompanied by his abrasive choreography.

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    Eh? That's just pasted in from Mixmag.

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