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Best live show / DJ you saw perform 🎤



  • Terrordisco
    Terrordisco Reykjavík, IcelandMember Posts: 27 Sine

    Ellen Allien filling in for Carl Cox at the last minute, Sónar 2004. She was no newcomer, but she seemed a bit taken aback by the big stage. It was obvious because the still used the huge screens and tight camera shots of the DJ's face. So even if the venue had tens of thousands of dancers, there was this weird sense of intimacy. In 04 everything was a bit electro/electroclash, the musical scenes that would define the aughts were still just one big pool, everyone was playing a lot of the same tracks, especially that pre-release copy of the We Are Your Friends remix. the seperation into electrohouse, french house, minimal house etc had yet to happen. But Ellen was doing something slightly more subtle, more emotional, more deep. And the crescendo was when she plugged the headphones into the mic port and did a vocal performance. Voice slightly frail, imagine the nerves, but the performance was all the better for it, soooo moving.

    That's the one. Later I saw Justice in one of their earliest gigs, they were drunk prats. Unless that was at 07? Dunno. Oh well.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI BerlinAdministrator Posts: 1,609 admin
    edited March 29

    Imagine having to fill in for Carl Cox last minute 🥶 The pressure she must have been under

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