Am I foolish waiting for a maschinePlus update soon?

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Beeing generally satisfied by my maschine plus, there just stuff bugging me hard and bloking me to be fully indepedant with the device.

There's so much stuff under-used in this device (damn no visual eq? no midi learn or full midi routing on ext devices ect....) that can be done no so hardly.

So I'm wondering if they are working on a large update (or more updates) or not?

I'm a new NI user and it seems like long users tends to say that NI won't put much on maschine+ . Would be sad cause I think there not missing that much for M+ roll over compétition

Am I foolish waiting/hoping for a (bigass) update soon ?

Sorry for my bad english



  • Peter Harris
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    Other than minor tweaks and stability enhancements I think it's very unlikely that there will be major functionality updates to the M+ in the foreseeable future. There are lots of modest non-hardware-limited improvements could be made fairly easily (custom chord sets, for example) if the company had more development resources but unfortunately it simply doesn't and there is no reason to think that's likely to change in the near future. In that I think I'm not being pessimistic, just realistic.

    That said, I love my M+! IMHO it does a great job of doing what it was designed to do as a standalone device at that price point with the hardware limitations that come along with that. And what it can't do is for me mostly remedied by using it in controller mode with a computer.

    For me the key to my satisfaction with the M+ has been adjusting my expectations. It's a Range Rover, not a Ferrari.

    And for what it's worth I haven't regretted defection from the MPC One for a single minute. Now if an Akai MPC Keys 61 arrived on my doorstep for free, I might play around with it for the sake of variety. 😉 But for the foreseeable future there is nothing out there that compares to the quality, capabilities, character and style of my preferred combo of M+/S49/Jam/PC and Komplete 14 Ultimate.

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    It pains me to say this, because like you, I believe that the Maschine workflow/software is just a handful of important tweaks away from being far more useful than it already is. In fact, I think it could fairly easily be the undisputed champ of the market segment.

    BUT - the best advise I can give you is, to buy and enjoy Maschine for what it currently is, not what you think it could be.

    You will drive yourself crazy waiting for sensible updates that will likely never come. I know, because I have been there.

    At this point it really feels like N.I. considers Maschine to be a 'mature' product, and that aside from bug fixes and minor tweaks, there really isn't going to be a whole lot in the future in terms of software optimization and huge new features.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news lol. And as always, I hope I am wrong. The recent survey N.I. put out regarding the future of Maschine, admittedly has stirred some hope in even this cold, dead heart.

  • BouMcLaP_
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    Oh i don't want MAJOR update, it don't needs full new shinny functionalities but like simple things that are not working as they could, i mean kinda act like they didn't go 100%, vst's reaktors patches, midi....

    But yeah I'm happy with Maschine+ for what it is and does (and pretty well ) but, you know, some things are itchy.😊

  • BouMcLaP_
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    Yeah you're right, maybe I should not hang on what it could be and just stick to it. Even though some stuff bugging me.

    The stuff that are miising to me are just a few simple stuff that would make it just perfect (to me of course ) that i think are not crazy to do for them.

    But yeah M+ is pretty mature so I should not have big dreams ^^

    Thanx for your answers mates!

    Anyway, I just hope at least that NI will be straight with us and make statements/or informations if they intend or not to keep on updates or not!

  • D-One
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    There haven't been a "large update" since it exists, no reason to expect it IMO.

    Anyway, I just hope at least that NI will be straight with us and make statements/or informations if they intend or not to keep on updates or not!

    Of course they intend to update it, the product is new, it wont be abandoned so soon, however, if the next updates have anything you particularly find usefull or not is another matter. I wouldn't go expecting their priorities to match yours or you're just set yourself up for disappointment.

  • FernaIV
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    Hi @ all

    i use the MK 3 at home with a intel i9. I will use the M+ for a jamming at the work.

    i have read a lot of stuff an look oll the videos but i am not sure....

    can anybody tell me about the storage? i have read there can used a SD Card or a External Drive but there is only USB2 (whats the speed of USB2 60 MB/sek ??)

    a i think the hardwarespecs are not so powerful as the can at 2023.

    or is a successor already being considered? 🤔

    thx for your helps!

    best regards,


  • Flexi
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    NI aren't releasing hardware at all right now, It is doubtful a replacement is being considered for the hardware that was overpriced, underpowered and not particularly popular, I would even suggest that if you want one new, get one soon.

  • djadidai
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    There might be a few minor things it doesn’t have compared to other units, but the M+ is really knocking it out of the ballpark compared to other units. I don’t own an Akai, but I do own a Novation Circuit Tracks and Roland MC-707, and I must say they all have their pros and cons. However lacking custom chords or probabilities as features does not sink the M+ imho. I must say I do love the 707 already, it’s a very powerful unit and once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome, but the M+ is just on another level in every aspect, speaking from experience and not from opinions based on what I’ve seen on tutorials.

    ive been focusing on the 707 lately to really understand it and learn how to work it and soon I’ll be ready to team it up with my dearest love, M+. Those 2 together I think will be a lethal combo for live sets and jamming.

    One can always dream of some updates and a few new features, but I honestly think the M+ is way ahead in terms of workflow, versatility, capabilities and possibilities of musical expression and arrangements. It’s arguably way ahead of its time (yes, I mean it). Only reason I add and try other hardware is of plain curiosity and bcs I believe it’s fun to blend the sound and feel of different units. Play to their strengths, but if someone would force me to pick 1 thing, it’s the M+ without a doubt.

    My current setup if everything is connected:

    Maschine+, Maschine Jam, M32 keyboard, Mc-707, Circuit Tracks, Volca Bass.

  • Peter Harris
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    A reasonably fast 1T SD card works great for me. I have definitely never felt like there were throughput problems.

    And before that I had a 1T SSD plugged into the M+ USB-B port and I don't recall any speed problems with that either.

  • FernaIV
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    i think i will use the M+ soon :-)

    thanks a lot for the answer.

  • D-One
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    Just get an SD card with decent speeds, having a huge external HD/SSD dangling off the M+ does not give you any advantage over it, an SD is a cleaner more integrated solution, the disadvantage is if your computer does not have a SD reader than you might have to get a dongle, personally I prefer something "dangling" off the laptop rather than on the M+.

    USB2 is super slow compared to an external SSD, so there's really no reason to get one for the M+ unless you also use it for a computer and move a lot of files often. Audio files tend to be small for this sort of device anyway...

    USB2 (whats the speed of USB2 60 MB/sek ??)

    Yes, that is the theoretical max speed, an SSD is about 10x faster when the right conditions meet.

  • BouMcLaP_
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    @D-One haha i know my priorities are not their concern^^😉 It's more like, go fully with what they started. At the end I love my M+ and it's the closest things for my needs. Every device have flaws and cool specs, just sometimes when you know it can be done you dream for bit better 😅.

    Thanx for your insights !

  • Space Cat 303
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    I love M+ but automation is really a big problem and a big weak point for me.

    That's why I traded for an Akai Force.

    But I may return to M+, in addition

  • ozon
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    @BouMcLaP_ asked

    Am I foolish waiting/hoping for a (bigass) update soon ?


    (I’d so love to be proven wrong!)

  • Jon Watte
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    One might ask themselves why the software couldn't be made open source.

    Sure, they don't need to make the instruments and algorithms open, and they certainly can keep the content libraries locked down.

    But the basic UI and management setup? The OS integration? Even the device drivers? Ship 'em with the Affero license (so you could shut down anyone trying to rip it off,) and let the users mod them!

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