(SOLVED) Traktor 3.5.2 playback sounds DREADFUL compared w/ non-TP native playback.

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Not sure if this is a new issue or just the way I've been working made me notice this, but playing back the same file in TP 3.5.2 on Mac via my soundcard at the file's native sample rate, bitrate, all fx off, pitch at +/- 0, autogain at 0, key/filter/eq/gain all off, no limiter, all faders full etc, vs just playing the same file in the standard Mac Quickview or any other Mac player (no eq etc)......the Traktor playback sounds dismally bad. This isn't edge-level engineer 'euphonics' blah blah, it's straight-up muddy garbage even my kid can spot immediately.

Has it always been this way? I haven't changed any settings, both are playing back at the same native rates on the same high-end soundcard. What's going on???


OK, it was my current soundcard routing with both monitor and master playing back on the same channels and the monitor mix knob fully clockwise so I guess the signals were somehow out of phase, cancelling etc...PHEW, thank goodness for that ! :)



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    Highlighted the solution above so it's clearer to future forum users. :)

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